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Find & Seek! Roofing Style

Find out how many commercial roofing words you can find in our word scramble!

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Simon Roofing Ranks #14 on 100 Largest-Roofers List

There are literally tens of thousands of roofing companies across the United States. But it takes something special to consistently rank near the top on Roofing Contractor magazine’s annual list of Top 100 roofing contractors. This year, Simon Roofing ranks #14 overall. The list is based on self-reported revenue, and includes both commercial and residential […]

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It’s about time we talk about time … or lack thereof for facility managers

Today’s technology allows for building systems to become more integrated with each other, so facility managers know all too well how one decision can affect two or three other systems. As a roofing manufacturer and installer,– we strive to always deliver products and services that are easier to maintain, longer-lasting and less taxing on facility managers’ time. Here are a few examples of how we’re doing this …

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A word on sustainability. A roof is a terrible thing to waste.

Decisions made by facility managers many times come down to dollars and cents. But what if the most financially sound decision also made sense for the environment? Win-win, right?

The EPA estimates that 548 million tons of debris from construction and demolition materials was created in 2015; much of it undoubtedly from waste created during roof tear-offs and replacements.

Therefore, it stands to reason that preventing roof replacements would minimize the amount of roofing material waste shipped to landfills. But, how do you best prevent roof replacements and still resolve a problem roof?

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In what year will your commercial roof fail?

If you knew the exact year your commercial roof would fail, what – if anything – would you do to prevent it from happening?

Looking for ways to fix and address problems BEFORE they occur is the most cost-effective mindset to employ. Simply speaking it’s called managing your roof assets – or asset management.

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What parts of a roof inspection can I do myself?

Facility managers can benefit from knowing what a professional roofing contractor is going to be looking at – and looking for – when they’re on your roof performing an inspection. Over time, you can learn to detect problem areas starting to form. And maybe even what to do about them.

Most evaluations start with CAD drawings based on aerial photographs. This streamlines field inspection since the technician will then only need to verify the information.


Consequential Damage

We can sum up the importance of timely action on roof leaks in two words – consequential damage.
Water entering your building does way more than deteriorate the external components of the roof system. It even does more than shorten the lifespan of the roof itself. It can wreak havoc on your building’s interior, adding exponential costs and losses.

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Test your knowledge

Test your knowledge: Do this, not that for cold weather commercial roof success Don’t believe the groundhog hype. Those of us in cold weather climates know the drill. We’re likely to see snow well into March and April.
With that in mind, it’s not too late for an interactive quiz to test your cold weather roof maintenance knowledge.

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Resolve to improve your commercial roof’s performance in 2019

It’s a new year. A new beginning. A time to set new goals. Why not consider a roofing-related resolution this year? Here are a few suggestions to help facility managers stay on top of things in 2019 relative to commercial roofing assets.

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7 Inspirational Quotes to get in the Spirit of Thanksgiving!

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