Wish your roof had a “check engine” light?

If spring rains have you unexpectedly grabbing buckets and “wet floor” signs, rely on SR PreVision to be your roof’s indicator light.  It’ll give you a heads up on how your roof is going to perform in the months and years to come so you can be prepared – and be proactive.

Why SR PreVision?

SR PreVision is designed to help you prevent roof leaks, avoid costly replacements and accurately predict your roof’s life expectancy and depletion rate. In addition, it will give you the benefit of knowing precisely when and how to intervene and how to extend your roof’s service life.

How are SR PreVision inspections different than standard roof inspections?

One word – science. SR PreVision goes beyond traditional visual inspections with an exhaustive roof inspection and analysis process that includes core sampling, infrared scans and laboratory testing of the roof membrane.

How can roof inspections be “scientific”?

Membrane and core samples are sent to our state-of-the-art laboratory where a series of rigorous tests are completed including Lap and T-Peel, QUZ accelerated weather, wind uplift and flying debris – just to name a few.

With SR PreVision’s inspection and analysis, you can trust roofing science to remove the human error factor associated with relying solely on subjective visual inspections to determine your roof’s condition. Plus, because it can pinpoint your roof’s expected remaining life down to the specific number of years and months, it can provide you with recommendations for type and timing of interventions to extend its useful life.

Armed with this vast amount of information, you’re empowered to better understand your roof, including its current condition and all options for extending it, so you can make smart, sound roofing decisions for your company.

You can learn more about the SR PreVision process and the science behind it here.