When it comes to commercial roof quotes, size matters. But so do a lot of other things.

Large Factory Commercial Rooftop

When it comes time to budget for a new commercial roof, there is more to consider than just the square footage of your roof. One of the biggest factors is building location. The area or region in which the building is located comes into play for a variety of reasons.

Location Factors

  • What are the R-value requirements? The greater the number, the more insulation that’s needed. The more insulation that’s needed, the greater the cost.
  • What are the wind uplift requirements? In areas prone to high wind weather events, there will most likely be strict requirements for roofing systems. Higher wind ratings typically result in higher costs.
  • Are there Code requirements? If so, bringing a roof back to code can be costly.

Other Factors

  • How can the roof be accessed? If a crane is needed to load materials onto the roof, that adds cost. Plus, if the building is of a certain height or more, the crew will be required to stay tied-off throughout the entire job. This can lengthen time to complete the job and increase labor costs.
  • What is the makeup of the deck? Mechanical attachment to a metal or wood deck can be less expensive than adhering to a concrete deck.
  • What is the condition of the deck? If there’s any rust or rot, a structural engineer needs to be consulted to make sure it can handle the weight of the new materials.
  • What type of insurance does the company have? If it’s Factory Mutual (FM) insurance, there can be added requirements that can drive up the cost.

Because so much needs to go into a trusted commercial roof quote, it’s always recommended that you choose a company that has extensive experience and qualified personnel to get the job done.