Top 5 Coaching Tips for Facility Managers

There are a lot of similarities between a coach and a facility manager – both have a LOT of responsibility, need to be great multi-taskers and must be strategic to achieve success. Here are a few reminders any coach or facility manager could use.

Watch the clock.Watch the clock. Time management is essential whether it’s during a game or managing your day. Prioritizing what has to happen and foreseeing obstacles is essential in making sure your time is utilized the best way possible. For facility managers, the plate can be overflowing with to-do’s from roof leaks to window washing to renovations. If you can prioritize what HAS to be done, what you’d like to get done and what would be nice to get done will help you manage the limited hours you have in a day.

The game plan is everything. Researching and understanding your opponent is key to winning any game. The same holds true for facility managers. Whether it be environmental or climate concerns, an aging roof, heavy foot traffic or any other number of things that can impact your building, understanding the challenges of your building, is necessary for both budgeting and planning purposes. Predicting and planning for what challenges may lie ahead, can also help to minimize time, money and stress.

Pick your players wisely. Every coach has felt the challenge of having the right players in the right positions. For facility managers, this means having the right partners and providers for each of your facility’s needs. Establishing relationships with your top service providers for roofing, HVAC, plumbing, and cleaning will reduce the risk of having a bad experience or not being able to find service when you need it most. Building trust is key to any effective team, including those who are working on your facility.

Keep the executives happy. We all know what happens when a team owner or general manager doesn’t think a coach is proving his/her worth. Keeping the C-suite happy can also be a challenge for facility managers. Unexpected expenses, delays, and even disruption to business can fall on the shoulders of a facility manager. Anticipating these issues BEFORE they happen and having the data or details readily available can make a world of difference when communicating challenges to executives.

Manage your stress. We’ve all seen that red-faced coach screaming on the sidelines. That’s not a good look for anyone. Facility managers today are under an extreme amount of stress. Labor shortages, delays, supply chain challenges, pricing and more are all negatively impacting the role of the facility manager and his/her ability to accomplish what needs done. Make sure you take time for yourself – a brief walk, a few calming breaths, a snack break, play with the dog – anything you can do to manage your stress will benefit you and those around you.

Readyyyyyy, break!