Think Outside the Box.

The standard way of thinking goes: you get a few leaks, your roof is starting to show its age, so it’s time to replace it. Right?

That’s what conventional wisdom might suggest. But perhaps it’s time for a new way of thinking. There are viable alternatives to tearing off and replacing a roof that deserve strong consideration.

Today’s technology within the commercial roofing industry supports the mindset ‘How can I extend the life of the roof I currently have?’ Not ‘My roof is leaking so now it needs to be replaced’ instead of the old way of thinking that every problem roof needs replaced.

In reality, replacement should only be done as a last resort – when all other options are exhausted.

How do you know if your roof can be repaired or restored?

Relying solely on the experience – or inexperience – of the technician on the roof to determine what a roof needs is not nearly as accurate as an approach that is more data driven and objective.

The SR Prevision process combines the visual analysis on a roof with information determined from infrared scans and core sample testing, which is then fed into a proprietary database and analyzed extensively.

The result is a clear and comprehensive picture of a roof’s condition; well beyond what’s possible with just a technician and a clipboard. And from this picture – again, derived from science and objective data – a facility manager is able to make educated, fact-based decisions about extending the life of their roof.

Sometimes a replacement is the most prudent course of action recommended. But most times there’s a smarter, less-costly option.