The Simon Roofing Difference Series: Part 3 Trained Roof Technicians

As a family-owned business, our name means a lot. And we don’t trust our name with just anyone. You can rest assured that when you hire Simon Roofing, you’re getting trained Simon Roofing technicians – not a sub-contractor who happened to be available that day.

Employing our own workforce means we have complete control over the safety, security and training of the people we put on our customers’ roofs.

  • Safety. All Simon employees take mandatory safety courses throughout their careers – not just during orientation. Safety is a core value at Simon Roofing and is prevalent in nearly ever communication to employees.
  • Security. All Simon employees go through rigorous screening processes, including background checks, e-Verification and more. Random drug tests are also performed routinely.
  • Training. Training never stops at Simon Roofing. We have an entire department dedicated to continuing education and learning for each and every employee, including roof technicians.

All of this means that we employ the highest quality technicians in the industry. In most cases, Time and Material roof leak service calls can be completed by one technician. By eliminating the second person who typically only adds a small amount of efficiency in completing the roof repair, we’re able to lower the average invoice cost and reduce the overall cost per building’s roof expenses. Plus, by employing our own technicians, we can provide them with performance-based incentives for job quality, efficiency and safety.