The Simon Roofing Difference Series: Part 2 Roof Materials, Made by Simon

Simon Roofing manufactures the roof materials it uses. That means we have complete control of the supply chain to deliver the best possible solution for our customers’ roofs – whether that be a simple repair, a restoration or even a complete replacement. 

Our products are made in our ISO-certified Simon Products plant and are furnished directly to our clients, which helps to reduce loading time and onsite labor.

Simon Products manufacturing roofing materialsRepair Materials 

We have developed specialized repair materials that are engineered to repair aging roofs. These materials are designed to provide the highest possible adhesion and durability – and they contain more waterproofing ingredients and less fillers to give them unequaled durability. Our products are also made for various climates and conditions, allowing us to do repairs in most wet and cold climates. 

Restoration and Replacement Solutions

Our unique product line has restoration and replacement solutions for any building and any budget. The Simon Products Research and Development Team has developed innovative solutions like: 

Wite Brite™ Elastomeric Coating

  • Coating used in several restoration and replacement solutions
  • High-performing tensile strength and elongation 
  • Resistant to mold, mildew and rust
  • To reduce heating/cooling usage and improve efficiency, a white reflective version is used in warmer climates and a darker gray version is used in cooler climates 


Roofing system installed was a seamless alternative to standard single-ply roofing system by Simon Roofing, CLP

CLP™ Single Ply Alternative 

  • Saturated process, not laminated like standard single-ply, provides a longer-lasting and more sustainable roof 
  • Can be installed as a layover or a re-roof to reduce tear-off costs and landfill waste 
  • More waterproofing within and above the scrim
  • Better weathering and greater strength 

Both of these proven products have added sustainability value because they can be restored again and again over the years.

Manufacturer and Installer

As both the manufacturer and installer, Simon Roofing is completely responsible should anything go wrong. There is no finger-pointing as to who should fix it – we’ll be on-site within 24 hours for any warranty callbacks.