The Love-Hate Relationship with Commercial Roofs

You love your roof when it’s doing its job of protecting your building. But when it starts to leak and give you problems, you hate the thought of a complete tear-off and replacement. We get it. Afterall, why should companies endure the cost and disruption of replacing a roof when there are years of useful life still remaining in it? Simply put, they shouldn’t.

Knowledge is Key

Knowledge is key whenever making a costly decision. In today’s world of commercial roofing, there is innovative technology available that not only increases the validity of evaluations and recommendations, but also removes the human error factor that comes with relying solely on subjective visual inspections. 

Just because a roof has widespread leaks doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, too many roofs are replaced prematurely when reliable, cost-effective, sustainable restoration options are possible. 

Commercial Roof Restorations

  • Restoration candidates. Most types of commercial roofs can be restored, including built-ups and single-plys. Before a restoration can be deemed feasible, Simon Roofing will perform an extensive SR PreVision inspection and scientific analysis. This will make sure there is no more than minimal presence of wet insulation and that the roof deck is not compromised. 
  • Customized solutions. Our restoration solutions will not only return the roof to watertight condition with a warranty, but they can be customized to fit your building, length of extended life desired and budget needs. 
  • Significant savings. Roof restorations can save as much as 40% when compared to a traditional tear-off and replacement.
  • Minimal disruption. A complete tear-off and replacement can be extremely disruptive to business with equipment, dumpsters, noise, odors, large crews and even the possibility of interruptions to operations. Simon Roofing’s restorations can be completed in less time with less noise and minimal interaction. 
  • Sustainable solution. According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, nearly 10 percent of U.S. landfill space has gone to roofing waste over the past 40 years. A roof restoration results in significantly less waste compared to a tear-off and replacement. 
  • Continued performance. Simon Roofing’s restorations can often be restored again as the warranty term ends. This provides even more sustainability and savings for years to come. 

Can your roof be restored? If so, it will save you time and limit disruption to your business. Plus, it can also extend the watertight life of your commercial roof and add years of warranty protection.