Simon Roofing Ranks #14 on 100 Largest-Roofers List

Simon Roofing Corporate HQ
Simon Roofing Corporate Office, Located in Youngstown, Ohio

There are literally tens of thousands of roofing companies across the United States. But it takes something special to consistently rank near the top on Roofing Contractor magazine’s annual list of Top 100 roofing contractors.

This year, Simon Roofing ranks #14 overall. The list is based on self-reported revenue, and includes both commercial and residential roofing companies. Among roofers that perform predominantly commercial roofing, Simon Roofing is #10

“We don’t take rankings that list us among the largest contractors in the country for granted because they’re evidence that we’re doing things right,” said Anthony Vross, Simon Roofing co-owner. “It’s no small feat that we’ve been in business for well over 100 years, and we’ve consistently grown our national footprint where our expanding customer base has asked us to be.”

Simon Roofing is a more than 100-year-old family-owned business that was founded – and is still headquartered – Youngstown, Ohio. Today, it’s run by third- and fourth-generation Simon family members, who have continued the company’s emphasis on safe, quality workmanship, responsive customer service, and a focus on driving technological advancements and innovation.

“We have 700-plus employees throughout the country who all take great pride in their work because they know we’re the best at what we do,” Vross said. “We also have a loyal and growing customer base who entrusts us to the care of their roofing assets. That’s what drives us every day to continue to do what it takes to be successful.