Select A Smarter Single-Ply Solution

Adhesion failure, erosion, weathering and seam failure are problems associated with common single-ply roofs.

Problems of Common
Single-Ply Systems
Advantages of CLP Roofing Systems
Seam failureField fabrication and the addition of proprietary layer(s) eliminate the need for seams in the finished system, which, in turn, eliminates common failure points. A field-applied finish coat ensures a monolithic, water-tight seamless membrane that conforms to the unique contours of the existing surface being re-roofed.
Adhesion failureThe saturated manufacturing process helps to prevent the membrane from separating and bonds all system components to help prevent loss of adhesion.
ErosionThe greater the mass/weight of a roofing system, the slower the effects of erosion. CLP™ Roofing Systems weigh more and erode less than common single-ply systems.
StrengthCLP™ Roofing Systems possess a tensile and a breaking strength that are significantly greater than common single-ply roof systems. They have greater puncture resistance, and in extreme temperature changes, they are also better able to withstand the stress of thermal shock to avoid cracks.
WeatheringThe cross linked polymer in CLP™’s formulation is superior in UV resistance, which improves the rate of oxidation. The compound is also fortified with inert organic chemicals that enhance reflectivity and emissivity to improve weathering.

CLP™ Roofing Systems can typically be restored again and again following each warranty period, making them also a sustainable solution. That means a CLP™ roof may be the last roofing system you ever need to install!

Plus, we are both the manufacturer of the roofing products we use AND the experienced installer of those products onto your roof, so we hold ourselves accountable for your roof’s performance.

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