Resolve to Improve Your Roof’s Health

Commercial Roof Health

This time of year has many of us resolving to be healthier and take better care of ourselves. But it can also be a time to take stock of our facilities and the key areas that affect performance and budget, especially the roof.

Commercial Roof Stats

Whether you’re new to the facility or you just need a refresher, gather the necessary information you need to know about your roof.

  • What type of roof system is it?
  • How old is it?
  • Are there multiple systems or layers installed?
  • Is it still under warranty and what are those warranty terms and conditions?
  • Where and what type of access is there to the roof? Who has permission to be on the roof?
  • Is there a documented rooftop safety program for anyone with access?

Commercial Roof Check Up and Diagnosis

The best way to prevent problems is to get a professional inspection and diagnosis of the roof. The SR PreVision process combines traditional tactics like visual inspections and infrared scans with modern, scientific testing and data analysis of roof samples. This provides a clear, objective report of the condition of a roof with recommendations to improve performance and prioritize needs.

With SR PreVision, you’ll get answers to some of the questions above and much more.

Prevention is the Best Medicine for Roofs

Regular preventative maintenance and housekeeping services on a roof can prevent leaks from happening in the first place. In most climates, a bi-annual visit is recommended to clear debris, identify missing or loose fasteners and flashing, and more.

The health of your roof can make or break your budget and your operations. Take good care of one of your facility’s biggest investments through proper inspections and preventative maintenance.