Resolve to Improve Your Commercial Roof’s Performance in 2022

It’s a new year. A new beginning. A time to set new goals. Why not consider a roofing-related resolution this year?

  1. SCHEDULE SPRING AND FALL PROFESSIONAL INSPECTIONS – As you know, inspections are typically recommended at the ends of the winter and summer seasons – a roof’s two harshest climates. Roofs tend to expand and contract during hot and cold temperatures, respectively. These forces can cause splits, particularly at penetration points, which are the weakest parts of the roof. Just making it a habit to do regular inspections can help you stay ahead of major repairs.
  2. EVALUATE INTERNAL SAFETY PROTOCOLS AND PROCEDURES FOR ACCESSING YOUR ROOF – To minimize wear and tear, as well as safety concerns, establish firm protocols on who’s permitted to access the roof, as well as proper safety regulations for them to follow when they’re up there.
  3. DETERMINE YOUR ROOF’S REMAINING USEFUL LIFE – Engage Simon Roofing to perform an SR PreVision analysis of your roof. This innovative combination of objective roof evaluations, laboratory testing and computer modeling empowers you to make educated and informed decisions by truly understanding your roof’s exact condition, remaining useful life and most cost-effective means of extending it.
  4. DON’T JUMP TO A REPLACEMENT CONCLUSION. CONSIDER REPAIRING AND RESTORING IT FIRST – There usually are other options for extending the life of your roof that are much less costly, and potentially just as warrantable. Explore your other options first.
  5. RE-ASSESS YOUR GO-TO LIST OF CONTRACTORS – Do you know who you would call in an emergency leak situation? Do your homework before a situation occurs because when water is dripping, the last thing you need is to be evaluating roofing companies. Look for proven responsiveness, fair pricing, and an impeccable safety record. Plus, consider contractors who self-perform, use the latest technology, and can minimize return visits by performing the repair correctly the first time.

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