Oh, the horror of a roof leak

A roof leak can be downright scary.

Scarier still, however, is the consequential damage, the downtime, the slip-and-fall hazard, and – gulp – the bill you’ll ultimately get to fix everything if you let an obvious problem with your commercial roof go untreated for too long.

Timely intervention with roof matters is always the way to go. Spend a little today on a modest repair and save the much larger costs of a catastrophic situation down the road.

If you detect any of these common roofing anomalies, contact your roofing service provider right away and have the situation addressed.

  • Ponding water
  • Large amounts of debris
  • Vegetation
  • Gravel displacement
  • Ballast system problems
  • Ridging
  • Unsecured membrane
  • EPDM Button Punctures
  • Slipped Flashings

Addressing issues in a timely manner help extend the life of your roof, minimize repair costs and lessen the headaches you experience as a facility manager.