Not all roof inspections are created equal

When it comes to evaluating your commercial roof, not all inspections are created equal. A conventional roof inspection typically includes both a visual inspection and an infrared scan to identify wet insulation. It’s a great start but scientific roof assessments go much deeper – both literally and figuratively speaking.

What makes scientific roof assessments like SR PreVision different?

  • They begin with a visual inspection, but usually also include retrieval of a core sample of the membrane that undergoes extensive testing and analysis.
  • Technicians are equipped with real-time tablet technology that documents all roof defects, etc.
  • Roof size, sections, geography, and roof type are cataloged into an extensive database, along with statistics taken directly from the rooftop.
  • For most roofs, an infrared scan is also performed in the evening hours to identify the presence of wet insulation.

After the initial SR Prevision inspection, the core sample is sent to our in-house laboratory where our lab team, which consists of several scientists, runs extensive tests on the sample to identify the following factors:

  • Tensile strength
  • Elongation
  • Thickness

This data is uploaded into the Simetrix to complete the analysis. The result is a detailed report with photos, condition ratings of each roof section and an accurate determination of the roof’s remaining useful life. In fact, SR PreVision pinpoints down to the month and year of when a roof will ultimately fail and need replaced. This information is all at your fingertips with a 24/7 customer portal and can help guide you to make the best decisions for your building and for your budget.

Start taking advantage of what SR PreVision has to offer by scheduling an assessment!

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