Newborns, Slopes and Intricate Floats Highlight our Thanksgiving Memories

What memories spring to mind when you think of Thanksgiving?

If you’re like the cross-section of Simon Roofing employees we hit up with this question, it’s likely rooted in special family traditions or perhaps an unusual circumstance that made the holiday far from conventional one year.

Lori D. recalls a Thanksgiving involving a new baby.

“My favorite Thanksgiving memory was giving birth to our first daughter on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving in 1989,” she said. “We brought her home from the hospital on Thanksgiving Day and celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a new family.”

Kyle W. recalls a Thanksgiving when he lived and worked in Colorado.

“I was unable to make it home because that’s when we opened resorts for ski season,” he said. “A group of college friends surprised me and visited me in the mountains, and we went skiing. After we finished, my ski resort buddies invited my whole group of friends to celebrate Thanksgiving with them, and the whole bunch of us went skiing again the next morning.”

For Julie S. her Thanksgiving memories are deep-rooted from her childhood.

“I would wake up early on Thanksgiving morning and turn on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and my parents and I would watch it while my mother made breakfast,” she said.

Food-related stories also play well among our employees; some good, and some, ehh, not so good!

Like the time Alison H. introduced her husband to a non-traditional Thanksgiving meal.

“The first time I brought my (now) husband to our family’s Thanksgiving dinner, he was shocked that we not only had traditional turkey and all the trimmings, but also lasagna and meatballs. Doesn’t everyone?”

Kelly M. best remembers a cooking disaster story that gets re-told around the table like folklore every year since it happened.

“It’s a long story, but my aunt cooked the dish rag in the turkey and we ended up having to grill outside!”

And finally, Delaney D. recounts the year when her well-intentioned mother’s efforts to handle the cooking for the first time didn’t quite go to plan.

“We all ended up getting sick with food poisoning, and let’s just say she’s been banned from the kitchen ever since.”

May you enjoy the holiday with great friends and family, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Happy Thanksgiving from Simon Roofing!