National Safety Month

How well do you know fall-protection standards?

Take our quick roof safety quiz and find out!

In honor of National Safety Month, and with safety as Simon Roofing’s most important core value, we’d like to take a moment to emphasize a few safety measures specific to fall protection that our employees are trained to practice on a daily basis. After all, nothing is more important to us than ensuring every employee who comes to work each day returns home to his/her family every night.

Worker tied off using fall prevention

Contractors should be following these standards when they’re on your roof. Be wary of roofers who do not have disciplined safety protocols in place, as well as those who don’t follow OSHA regulations on the job. Insist on a safety-first work environment at your facility. Every day. Every time.

Now test your knowledge!

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1. Recent OSHA studies show that __% of fatal falls happen when no fall protection is in place.
2. OSHA defines a low-slope roof as a roof having a slope of less than __ inches of vertical rise for every 12 inches of horizontal length.
3. According to OSHA construction rules, fall protection is required at heights of __ feet or greater.
4. According to OSHA rules, an unprotected side or edge means a side or edge without a wall or guardrail system at least __ inches in height.
5. Covers for holes in a roof’s surface must be able to support:

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