Mind Over Materials

According to a recent NRCA industry issue update, “The U.S. roofing industry is experiencing unprecedented shortages of roofing materials and products and significant price volatility.”

Mixer Tanks at SR Products Plant

Not so at Simon Roofing. As a 120+ year old national commercial roofing manufacturer and installer, we’ve learned a lot. For instance, we’ve learned the key to maintaining quality is to control the supply chain. That’s why we produce most of our own products for the job and we use our own employees on the job. 

Throughout the years, we’ve also learned that it’s imperative to always try to stay ahead of trends and forecasts. In this case, we have done just that by thinking outside of our normal just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing production model.

  • We’ve added more tanks to store raw materials.
  • We’ve increased hours to keep roll line running.
  • We’ve increased our inventory needed for our commercial roofing repair, restoration, and replacement systems.  
  • We’re doing inventory projections farther into the future to assure ample supply.

The NRCA update closes by saying, “Based upon NRCA’s discussions with key players in all segments of the U.S. roofing industry and its affiliates and partners worldwide, NRCA expects the current situation of roofing material shortages, long lead times and significant price volatility to continue through 2022.”

Despite that bleak outlook, we want to make sure our customers don’t suffer.  That means we’ll continue to do what we’re doing through 2022 as well.