Do You Have A Love-Hate Relationship with Your Commercial Roof?

When your roof is doing its job of keeping your employees and/or customers dry, you love your roof. When you get the panic-stricken call saying there’s water dripping from the ceiling and it’s causing a slip-n-fall hazard, you hate your roof. Getting answers to a few simple questions can have you feelin’ the love again soon.

Are you sure the roof is to blame? 

Make sure your first step is to properly identify the penetration or issue actually causing the leak inside your facility. it’s easy and common to suspect the roof at the first sign of water intrusion. But not uncommonly it’s coming from other issues — duct work, plumbing or HVAC to name a few.

What’s the actual leak source?

If it’s determined that the roof is to blame, understand that the penetration or issue causing the roof leak inside your facility can often times travel, which means the source causing the roof leak is not always located right above the stained ceiling tile. With the most common causes of roof leaks being either human error, such as installing new HVAC equipment, or weather-related incidents like wind-blown debris or hail, it’s easy to see why a roof puncture is rarely in just one isolated spot.

Who’s on your roof and what are they doing?

To avoid aggravating callbacks, it’s in your best interest to make sure the roofing  company you call to repair a leak is equipped with well-trained technicians, proper repair procedures and proven repair materials designed to properly fix your leak – on the first try. Because if they just put a “band-aid” on it so-to-speak, you’ll be calling them back for sure.

What’s covered?

Oftentimes a repair warranty covers only the roof repair made on top of the roof. That means if the leak is still coming through the same spot on the ceiling after the repair is made, you’ll be getting another bill for the callback. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to your warranty coverage and be sure it guarantees the workmanship and materials of the actual repair done on top of your roof, as well as guarantees resolving the source of the roof leak itself.

Simon Roofing has 120+ years of experience fixing commercial roof leaks and we’re dedicated to doing so on the first try. That’s why Simon Roofing is able to offer clients a comprehensive  2-year warranty on repairs following our specifications.