It’s about time we talk about time … or lack thereof for facility managers

There are more demands than ever on a facility manager’s time, according to ProFMI…

ProFMI, which is a partnership between National Facilities Management & Technology (NFMT) and Holmes Corporation, is committed to elevating the facility management industry and serving its professionals around the world.

Time ManagementThe organization conducted a study that revealed 89 percent of facility managers say their responsibilities have grown over the past five years. Further, their scope of work has grown beyond being largely technical in nature to one that includes more strategic and business-oriented tasks.

Today’s technology allows for building systems to become more integrated with each other, so facility managers know all too well how one decision can affect two or three other systems.

As a roofing manufacturer and installer,– we strive to always deliver products and services that are easier to maintain, longer-lasting and less taxing on facility managers’ time.

Here are a few examples of how we’re doing this:

Roof asset management.

Simon Roofing’s SR PreVision process produces life-cycle calculations on a facility manager’s entire roofing portfolio. Included are forecasts and projected intervention costs given the current condition of roofs. The accurate, reliable budgets that result from this save facility managers, time, money and frustration.

Restore, don’t replace.

We promote the value – both in costs and time-savings – of repairing and restoring commercial roofs as opposed to jumping to a replacement. Replacing a roof is a huge drain on resources and creates significant waste. In most cases, when there is useful life remaining on a roof it’s a candidate for a restoration.

Twice-a-year inspections.

The name of the game in roofing is simply to prevent leaks. Keep the roof water-tight and prevent situations like structural issues, wet insulation, damaged inventory, slip-and-fall hazards, and so on. All these require valuable time, attention and budget resources. Having your roofing assets professionally inspected every spring and fall should be a fundamental part of a facility manager’s maintenance strategy. Doing this with discipline will catch a lot of small issues before they become big.

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