Is A Re-Roof Alternative an Option for Your Commercial Roof?

Commercial roof restoration overview

A restoration or re-roof alternative can be a reliable, cost-effective way to bring your roof to watertight standards and back under warranty without a costly, disruptive roof replacement. 

There can be many benefits to a commercial roof restoration, including:

  • Stops leaks and brings roof back to watertight condition
  • Extends the life and warranty of a roof
  • Provides cost savings up to 50% vs. a typical commercial roof replacement
  • Seamless, fully adhered roof surface
  • Liquid-applied and field-fabricated
  • Offers reflective and customized color selections depending on the climate
  • Sustainable with options to extend life past warranty

But how do you know if a restoration is a viable option? Answering these questions can help make that determination.

  • What percentage of insulation is wet, if any?
  • How many existing roof systems are present?
  • What percentage of the scrim is exposed?
  • What percentage of fasteners are backing out?
  • Over what percentage of the roof is there ponding water? Is it a slope issue?
  • Are there severely rusted metal panels that make the roof unsafe to walk on? (Metal roofs)
  • Is there presence of aluminized coating? (Metal roofs)

Facility managers today are finding it not only makes financial sense to consider a commercial roof restoration as a re-roof alternative, but makes environmental sense, as well, because it eliminates a waste. And a considerable amount of it.

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