First 3 steps to take when you see a roof leak at your facility

3 steps to take when you see a roof leak at your facilityIf you or someone at your facility suspects a roof leak, the first three steps you should take include:

  1. Risk assessment: It’s important to quickly identify any potential damage or safety hazards that might result from the leak. Move inventory and equipment to avoid water damage. Put up cones and signage in high-traffic areas to avoid slip-n-fall accidents.
  2. Troubleshoot water source: Is it definitely a roof leak? Oftentimes, the cause of water intrusion is not a penetration in the roof so you don’t need a roofer. There are other ways water can enter your building, including a problem with your HVAC, condensation from your air conditioner or faulty plumbing.
  3. Call your roofing provider: Once you have minimized the risks and feel confident it’s coming from the roof, contact your preferred roofing company to quickly and professionally assess and resolve the roof leak.