February is a great time for a new coat – on your roof

Commercial roof restoration coating products have come a long way in the past several years. They now offer excellent tensile strength and elongation properties, and some even include a polyester layer for added durability. These solutions bring your problem roof back to watertight condition and often times back under full warranty. All this while avoiding the high cost, disruption and material waste involved in a complete tear-off and replacement.

Restoration Before and After

Added benefits of a coated roof

  • Sustainability. Coated roofs can often be re-coated down the road to further defer costly tear-offs and replacements. This often makes them a sustainable option.
  • Energy efficiency. Coatings can also improve energy efficiency inside the building. A white elastomeric coating in warm climates, for instance, can help reflect UV rays and lower the temperature on a roof. Likewise, a darker roof in colder climates can help absorb the heat from UV rays and warm the building.

Unfortunately, not all commercial roofs qualify for a restoration. To determine if your roof makes the cut, take this simple quiz. And cross your fingers.