Employees tell the Simon Roofing story on national TV program

“When it comes to commercial roofing, these guys have you covered.”

That’s how the narrator kicked off our recently aired segment on the nationally syndicated, commercial design television show “Office Spaces,” and it couldn’t have been more accurately described. That is, unless he had said “these guys and gals have you covered.”

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“A lot of work, a lot of thought, and quite frankly a lot of time went into the filming of this episode, but when it was all said and done; and after it aired on Fox Business this past weekend, what I took away from it was how proud I am of the people who work at Simon Roofing,” said Anthony Vross, co-owner, Simon Roofing.

Vross, a third-generation family member of Simon’s founders, said he originally viewed the project as an opportunity to tout the strengths of the Company, including how it differentiates itself in the market with its innovations and unique supply chain.

“Our key strengths on the product side came through loud and clear – our ability to work with customers through the entire supply chain, our emphasis on applying science to everything we do, our 24/7 service, and our bias toward repairing and restoring roofs over replacing them,” Vross said. “But what was also conveyed was the trust, credibility and genuine character of the employees who told our story.”

Eleven Simon Roofing employees had speaking parts during the 6-minute segment, and many more were shown on camera working in the lab, installing a roof restoration system, answering customer questions in the customer service center and manufacturing materials in the plant.

“I’m glad the viewing public got a chance to see and hear directly from the individuals who make it all happen here at Simon Roofing,” Vross said. “Each of them not only has a true command of their part in the process, but also a great deal of pride in their job. And that’s what ultimately benefits the end customer.”