Data-driven Roof Inspections Remove Assumptions, Subjectivity

There’s a new standard in commercial roof inspections that’s data-driven and solution-specific, meaning it removes the one-size-fits-all checklists and the subjectivity inherent in the technician’s level of experience.

Today’s more sophisticated inspections are detailed and customized to the roof system type and its failure points. For instance, there’s a separate checklist and protocol for built-up roofs than there is for metal roofs.

Inspections today rely on the collection of scientific data from which to draw conclusions; not simply the visual inspection of an individual who may or may not be experienced and well-versed on a particular roofing system.

Core samples go through an ISO-certified, repeatable process where chain of custody is strictly documented. Samples are chemically and structurally tested on state-of-the-art lab equipment using the most modern testing methods. Laboratory scientists validate the material make-up of the roof and determine its remaining useful life. Results are then reported in tenths of years; not just broad multi-year ranges assigned within red, amber, and green color scales.

It’s not just a budget number; it is budget certainty based on actual proposals for the needed repairs. Many repairs can even be done on the spot by the licensed technician performing the inspection, saving the time and travel costs associated with a follow-up visit.

In short, there’s much more science, technology and analytics incorporated into commercial roof inspections. And it’s all done to help the building owner and facility manager make the most-informed and budget-conscious decisions for their building.