Data-driven inspections improve accuracy, delay costly replacement

According to the International Facility Management Association, 85% of commercial roofs are replaced too soon due to bad information. Roof replacements are often the go-to solution when nagging roof leaks continue to disrupt business and rack up unexpected repair expenses but there might be a smarter alternative – restoration.

A roof restoration can bring a roof back to watertight and warrantable condition. Plus, it can extend a roof’s service life by years.

But before it can be determined whether a roof is a candidate for restoration, the roof’s condition must be accurately assessed. Simon’s unique approach, SR PreVision, employs a combination of technology, data and science to objectively inspect and evaluate a roof.

Let’s walk through a SR PreVision evaluation:

  • Visual Analysis
    • SR PreVision technicians walk the entire roof with a tablet equipped with proprietary software that dictates the data collection criteria on a variety of factors (roof type, surface, etc.). The information and photos collected are sent in real-time back to a database that’s reviewed by a team of SR PreVision specialists at Corporate HQ.
  • Thermal (Infrared) Scan
    • The only way to effectively determine the presence of wet insulation is through an infrared scan. Roofs with a significant amount of wet insulation are not a candidate for restoration.
  • Laboratory Analysis
    • A core sample of the roof’s membrane is sent to our in-house laboratory where our team of scientists perform a variety of structural and chemical tests for elongation, tensile strength and more.
  • Data Analysis
    • The data collected from the roof and the core sample lab testing results are analyzed and then combined in a condition report to provide facility managers with an actionable plan to extend the roof’s useful life and lower its life cycle costs.

PreVision inspection Tablet

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