Case Study: Concrete Facelift

Client: Major National Retailer

Challenge: Improve the appearance of an aged, worn concrete entryway without impeding access to the building during construction.

Objective: Rebuild and extend the life of the existing concrete entryway in a cost-effective, efficient manner.

Outcome: The area in need of repair was heavily used and relied on by employees and visitors.

Our self-manufactured Simon Surfaces SR Concrete Repair material was the perfect solution for the job. After sealing the cracks and rebuilding the damaged areas, we resurfaced the top layer of concrete with a 100-percent solid epoxy primer and a quartz aggregate broadcast finish for a complete fresh, new look.

In just four days, this satisfied customer enjoyed a completely rebuilt entranceway with an extended concrete life that was now slip-resistant and structurally upgraded. And the area was never fully shut down to foot traffic.

About SR Concrete Repair: Whether it’s a driveway, stairway, sidewalk or floor, Simon Surfaces’ engineered epoxy concrete repair service provides a quick, economical and durable solution for repairing damaged concrete.

Two-to-three times stronger than standard concrete, our repair material seals the surface to prevent water and other substances from penetrating, and extends the concrete’s life. It’s quick, economical and durable, and perhaps best of all doesn’t shut down traffic during the project.