Buildings Magazine recognizes money-saving nature of our 3-phase roof restoration

Restoring commercial roofs as an alternative to replacing them prematurely is a common refrain you hear from us.

In too many situations we hear of roofs being replaced with considerable useful life still left on them. In these cases, a restoration would have gotten them watertight with much less waste, less disruption and definitely a lot less cost.

To further strengthen the case for restorations we’ve introduced a new way of performing them that spreads the work – and the costs – over multiple phases. This way, the most critical repairs are done timely on the front end while the costs don’t hit the budget all at once.

Industry trade publication “Buildings” has taken note of our “Three-Phase Roof Restoration” system and recently honored us with a “Money-Saving Products” award in its June magazine.

Simon Roofing co-owner Anthony Vross describes the new restoration product as essentially an alternative to a roof replacement that results in a leak-free, like-new condition roof that’s warrantied for workmanship and materials for 15 years. The scope of work and costs, he said, are spread out over a three-year period, but the roof is brought to watertight condition in phase one. This gives facility managers the budget flexibility to tackle other maintenance projects while they make the prudent choice of extending the life of their existing roof.

We use proprietary roofing materials from our own ISO-certified SR Products manufacturing division to restore built-up, modified, single-ply, foam and metal roof systems to an efficient, long-lasting state.

Each three-phase restoration system is customized to the specific application, and offers considerably less cost and disruption than a replacement.