Bench your roof leak worries and save this month’s madness for basketball

Basketball is all about stats – whether it’s points, rebounds, fouls or assists. Commercial roofing isn’t much different, especially when it comes to roof repairs and service.

Before deciding what company you hire to make your roof repairs, consider asking:

  • What percentage of your roof repairs had callbacks last year?
  • Do you ever use subcontractors to complete your work?
  • How much experience do you have in commercial roof repairs?
  • What warranty will I get with your repair?

Simon Stats

  • 99.5% of our roof repairs had 0 callbacks last year
  • 99.9% of national service work performed in 2022 was by our own technicians, not sub-contractors
  • 78.5% of our work performed last year were commercial roof repairs and restorations

The Difference Maker in Roof Repairs
For repairs made within our specifications, we offer a 2-year warranty on both labor and materials – that’s double the duration of many other repair warranties. Plus, our warranty covers the repair made on top of the roof AND ensures you won’t see the leak in the same location within the building.

Don’t let a little roof leak create a major loss at your facility. Rely on Simon Roofing’s winning game plan to fix your roof leaks quickly and correctly.