The amount of waste created from roof replacements has gone off the deep end

Did you know the waste created from a complete tear-off and replacement of just a 12,000 SF commercial roof could be enough to fill a six-foot-deep Olympic-sized swimming pool? Or ten, 22-foot dumpsters?

We all know roof restoration systems are more cost-effective than replacements, but don’t discount the environmental benefits as well. Waste reduction is an important element of sustainability. As evidence, each year, 7-10 million tons of tear-off waste and installation scrap are land-filled in the U.S. (EPA).

Experts agree that many roofs are replaced unnecessarily because of receiving inaccurate information about their condition, meaning they have remaining useful life on them and could qualify for a restoration. Intervening at the right time to extend the life of a commercial roof can add years of warranty protection without the need to tear-off and replace an existing roof system.

When properly maintained, a restored roof not only eliminates landfill waste on the front-end when first installed, but in many cases it can be renewed toward the end of the warranty period and extended yet again.

Less is more when it comes to a roof restoration compared to a replacement. Less waste. Less cost. Less disruption to business operations.