7 Reasons for Choosing a Local-National Roofer

Commercial Flat Roof Repair and Restoration in Columbus, OhioYou want the resources and experience of a large-scale, national roofing company as well as the responsiveness and local commitment of one nearby. That’s why a local-national roofing company may be the formula for success for facility managers.


Consistency in workmanship, materials and service is important when managing multiple locations, particularly spread across several regions, states or even the country. A roofing company with a similar footprint can help consolidate vendors and provide one point of contact. Plus, some companies offer a quality management system to ensure a consistent process and a level of expertise.

Responsiveness and Availability

Local-national roofers typically offer better responsiveness and availability to handle emergency issues. When an area gets hit with a weather event, a roofing company gets hit with many emergency leak request calls all at one time. A local-national player has the ability to reassign technicians from other areas and get the work done in a timely manner.


Pricing can be an advantage for roofers with a national scope, as well. Their volume, experience and technology allow them to offer accurate estimates and competitive pricing.


Also, among Simon Roofing’s employee base are specialists in different roof systems – metal, single-ply, built up, restorations, etc. Their expertise helps to ensure the work is performed properly the first time.  As a result, the added costs and frustration of call-backs is greatly minimized.


Larger roofers may be better equipped to make larger investments in technology to improve their services and efficiency. Today’s technology advancements can offer:

  • online customer platforms and dashboards
  • safety checks and balances
  • database management
  • software for tracking warranties and invoice management
  • tablet devices in the field
  • GPS tracking in service vehicles for accountability


In Simon Roofing’s case, we also manufacture our own products. We employ a team of advanced degreed scientists and engineers to study roofing materials. Our research and development team is always looking for ways to make stronger, lighter, more flexible and longer-lasting products. In addition, our SR PreVision lab staff perform proprietary testing on roof samples of customers to determine down to number of months and years how much longer they’ll last. We’re committed to finding ways to advance the industry, all to benefit our customers.

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