5 Commercial Roofing Best Practices to Follow in 2017

It’s a new year so you have a clean slate to begin improving management of one of the most expensive building assets to maintain: your commercial roof.

Follow these best practices and watch the savings accumulate while you also free up time to spend on other building priorities.

  1. Where better to begin than with safety. First, limit the foot traffic on your roof to personnel and service contractors who are trained on current OSHA regulations – including snow removal services. Further, have them strictly adhere to designed walkways to minimize equipment dragging and damaging of the roof.
  2. If you’re not already doing so, schedule spring and fall inspections with a qualified roofing specialist who’s reputable and trustworthy. In between inspections, make sure to perform self-inspections after major weather events. Remove debris before it causes drainage problems, and call your service technician at the first sign of cracks or punctures. Even small problems can quickly become expensive headaches if left unrepaired.
  3. Couple your inspection schedule with a semi-annual maintenance plan from a trusted roofing company. A modest investment in professional cleanings and experienced inspections can double the lifespan of your roof – and triple your peace of mind.
  4. Remaining Useful Life. Invest in the testing of core samples from your roof to determine its depletion rate and remaining useful life. Laboratory testing equipment and other methods are most reliable when it comes to determining the true condition of your roof, which can help guide your maintenance priorities and budget planning in both the near and long term.
  5. Know where you stand on your warranty terms and conditions, and keep access to the company names and numbers to call when claims arise. Warranties are typically riddled with exclusions, so many times it’s much easier to maintain the roof than rely on the warranty itself. Spend the time to get familiar with your terms and conditions so you know in a pinch how best to handle issues in a timely manner.

Best wishes on a happy, safe and prosperous 2017.