18 things you can do this year to avoid headaches with your commercial roof (Part 2 of 2)

As a continuation of our two-part series on helping facility managers save roof maintenance budget dollars—aggravation, here are a few more commercial roofing best practices you should consider following this year.

  1. Inspect your ceilings and walls from inside the building to look for evidence of roof leaks or other damage.
  2. Remove debris like leaves, sticks and garbage so they don’t cause a backup in the drains.
  3. Avoid sending anyone on the roof to remove snow who’s not specifically trained to avoid causing damage to the roof in the process.
  4. Invest in a routine maintenance plan that includes cleanings and inspections, to as much as double your roof’s lifespan!
  5. Hire only roofers who self-perform the work, thus better controlling the training, safety, efficiency and quality of your project.
  6. Periodically check for coping (metal flashing) that’s missing.
  7. Ensure your roof is properly draining and not holding or ponding water.
  8. Eliminate the labor costs of a follow-up service call by asking a roofing technician who is performing an inspection to make simple repairs – using premium material – in the same visit.
  9. Don’t get in over your head with a repair you’re not able to handle.

Make this your year for getting a firm handle on your roof assets’ condition and maintenance.