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CASE STUDY: ATI Firth Sterling

SITUATION: The metal roof of this manufacturing facility had consistent leaks from an internal gutter. The leaks were interrupting daily operations and causing delays. A long-term solution was necessary, but a total roof tear-off and replacement would be costly and disruptive. SOLUTION: Simon Roofing first performed a thorough inspection and analysis of the existing roof [...]

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Is A Re-Roof Alternative an Option for Your Commercial Roof?

There can be many benefits to a commercial roof restoration, including: Stops leaks and brings roof back to watertight condition Extends the life and warranty of a roof Provides cost savings up to 50% vs. a typical commercial roof replacement Seamless, fully adhered roof surface Liquid-applied and field-fabricated Offers reflective and customized color selections depending […]

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5 Safety Guidelines for Anyone Accessing your Roof

When it comes to rooftop safety, roofers are held to the most stringent guidelines. But, there are also some important rules to follow for vendors and employees who are on the roof. Working vs. not working. A common misstep to fall protection regulations is the mindset that the rules don’t apply when you’re just cleaning […]

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Commercial Roof Design 101

Roof Design is naturally an essential component in new building construction, but did you know it is extremely important for commercial roof repairs, restorations and replacements as well? A commercial roof that is well-designed and properly installed should provide many years of protection from weather elements, as well as provide appropriate insulation and coloring to lower energy costs..

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Save March Madness for basketball

Basketball is all about stats – whether it’s points, rebounds, fouls or assists. Commercial roofing isn’t much different, especially when it comes to roof repairs and service. For repairs made within our specifications, we offer a 2-year warranty on both labor and materials – that’s double the duration of many other repair warranties. Plus, our warranty covers the repair made on top of the roof AND ensures you won’t see the leak in the same location within the building.

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The Love-Hate Relationship with Commercial Roofs

You love your roof when it’s doing its job of protecting your building. But when it starts to leak and give you problems, you hate the thought of a complete tear-off and replacement. We get it. Afterall, why should companies endure the cost and disruption of replacing a roof when there are years of useful life still remaining in it? Simply put, they shouldn’t.

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Manufacturing facility restores roof without replacing

The manufacturing facility was experiencing leaks over an area of high production. This was impacting operations and could potentially cause damage.

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Are Metal Roofs Indestructible?

Simply stated, no. Metal roofs are definitely known for their durability and longevity. They have unique characteristics, however, that can still cause leaks and widespread damage. Unlike a traditional flat BUR or modified roof, metal roofs are NOT designed to be waterproof. They are designed for proper water flow, meaning there should never be any ponding or standing water on the roof for an extended period of time.