Simon Spotlight: Durham, N.C. Data Center

Across much of the 48,000 sq. ft. roof of a large data center in Durham, N.C. were heavy concrete pavers, which were initially installed to protect the roof from falling ice off of a nearby tower. Over the years, these pavers began creating problems. Building movement was causing stress at the flashing points, and repair costs were adding up. That’s when Simon Roofing was contacted.

“A critical aspect of this project was the risk associated with any roof leaks because of what was inside the building,” said Dominic Scarnecchia, regional sales manager for Simon Roofing. “There were also various items and unique situations surrounding the building that needed to be accounted for.”

After it was determined the concrete pavers needed to be eliminated, the Simon Roofing team developed a customized solution designed to protect the entire roof.

  • The first step was to remove approximately 35,000 sq. ft. of concrete pavers across various sections of the roof.
  • Next, a quarter-inch roof board was installed on the first area of the roof.
  • After that, a roof system that included multiple layers of SuperiorPly Ultra membrane, as well as SR Poly and Wite Brite™ coating was installed.
  • Other areas of the roof received a layer of SR Flood Coat, SR Poly and multiple layers of Wite Brite™ coating.

The customer was very happy with the outcome. The roof was seamless, watertight, more structurally sound and provided a greater resistance to foot traffic and punctures.

Use slider below to view before and after photos.

“This project serves as a great example of how Simon Roofing is different from others in the commercial roofing industry,” Scarnecchia said. “As both the manufacturer and installer, we were able to provide the customer a roofing system with more waterproofing, an extended warranty and most importantly, a solution designed to protect their business.”