Roof Warranties Give Facilities an Added Layer of Protection

Roof warranties can seem mysterious. They vary by manufacturer, they contain lots of legalese, and they can be long and tough to read. Even so, they are essential documents that maintenance and engineering managers need to understand to ensure a new roof’s long-term performance.

Before having a new roof installed on an institutional or commercial facility, managers need to take some time to fully understand the contents of the roof’s warranty.

Not every warranty offers the same coverage. By reading the fine print and asking the right questions, managers can better understand just what the warranty covers.

Do the due (diligence)

Before managers sign a contract with a roofing manufacturer or contractor, it is imperative to perform due diligence in selecting the appropriate roofing system.

“If (selecting of the right manufacturer and contractor) is done properly, then managers can look at the warranty as more of a security blanket should an unexpected fault in the workmanship or material occur,” says Anthony Vross with Simon Roofing.

To find out what items a roof warranty includes and excludes, managers need to know where to look and what questions to ask.

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