If you need to be reminded about one of your building’s most expensive assets, all you have to do is look up.

A roof may represent a small percentage of an industrial building’s initial construction cost, but maintaining it over the course of the building’s lifetime can demand a significant amount of time and expense. Just how much time and money can depend on who you depend on.

Emergency repairs, semi-annual inspections, preventative maintenance — making the right decision about who to use and how best to maintain it requires some homework. But doing that homework can save considerable dollars in your operating budget and help you divert more capital to other building projects.

While critical attention should be put to the standard line of questioning when interviewing roofers – How long have you been in business? Are you properly licensed and insured? What is your standard and emergency response time? Do you have references? How much will the job cost? – a more sophisticated line of questioning is necessary to not only get more informative answers, but to also put the roofer on alert that you’re not going to settle for less than the best.

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