Roof leak? Maybe not. 9 other water entry points

The telltale signs are there. A puddle on the floor. Stains on a ceiling tile. An active drip. So how is the water getting in? It must be a roof leak, right?

Maybe. That’s certainly the first inclination in many cases.

But first, a little homework might be in order. Before incriminating your roof and spending money unnecessarily, don’t too quickly discount the other potential sources of water entry into the building.

It’s easy and common to suspect the roof at the first sign of water intrusion. But not uncommonly it’s coming from other issues — ductwork, plumbing or HVAC to name a few.

Emergency calls like this happen all the time in the commercial space, but keep in mind the person calling is often not at the site himself. It’s a regional facilities manager based in another location who doesn’t see the issue in-person, but whose responsibility the water intrusion falls to. Now you’re paying for a technician to drive out there, get a ladder out, climb up on the roof, investigate the leak, and then potentially determine it’s not a roof leak after all.

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