10 reasons to change your thinking about concrete replacement

By Rich Serignese – General manager, Simon Surfaces

Let’s talk about why you still have damaged concrete on your property. (1) It’s too expensive to tear out and re-pour concrete. (2) You can’t afford the loss of revenue resulting from downtime needed to replace concrete. (3) What difference is it really going to make? Is a cosmetic fix worth the trouble? Do any of these reasons sound familiar?

Good news: Advancements in engineered epoxy-mortar alternatives provide a solid counter-argument to all these claims.

Using epoxy-based solutions, damaged concrete can often be restored instead of replaced. When restoring, the sub-base stays intact (when applicable), and is repaired and resurfaced with an engineered epoxy-mortar. This overlay serves as a new top layer and is an alternative to pouring new concrete.

Compared to a standard concrete replacement, using an epoxy mortar as an overlay gives you a solution that’s less expensive, has a faster turnaround, is aesthetically pleasing, is more durable and is even warrantable.

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