Roofing Warranty and Protection

Get True Peace of Mind

When you purchase a commercial roofing system or have repairs done, you’re often offered peace of mind in the form of a warranty. Warranties typically cover labor and materials for varying lengths of time, sometimes even stretching out longer than the roofing system is designed to last.

Do you sense a problem with that? We do. That’s why our warranties are different.

Workmanship + Materials + Duration

Because we’re both the manufacturer and installer of the materials used on the project, we warrant both the workmanship and materials for the duration of the roof’s projected useful life.

When we are issuing a warranty, we take it very seriously because we know we are taking complete ownership of your roof.  That’s why we use only our own high quality materials and only our own experienced, well-trained technicians.

Simple as that. If there’s a problem, you know who to call. No more guessing whether it’s a workmanship issue or a material defect, and watching those two parties argue over who’s at fault while your roof continues to leak.

A competitor’s warranty may cover labor and material to fix the defect in the material, but may not cover the workmanship issues beyond two years.

We respond quicker. And we do more. As the backer of both the materials and workmanship, we have a financial stake in your roof so you can be assured we’re going to do the job right the first time.

What Does (and Doesn’t) Your Warranty Cover?

How well do you know what your warranty truly covers and what your obligations are regarding its terms and conditions? If you were sold on the relative assurance of a long duration, say 20 or 30 years, you may be in for a rude awakening if you ever need to make a claim.

As you evaluate a warranty’s terms, typically you’ll find that the more loopholes it has, the weaker it is. And the weaker the coverage, the longer the duration is likely to be. Conversely, the stronger the coverage, the shorter its duration is likely to be.

Our philosophy on warranties is that the roof system should last the duration of the warranty, and the warranty should cover both workmanship and materials for the length of the term. And that’s how we structure them.

Building owners and facility managers seek a sense of security with a warranty, but when evaluating them their focus should be on “what” it covers, not just on its duration. It’s important to know what the warranty covers and what its exclusions are. Duration means nothing if the warranty doesn’t cover anything.

We get it. Warranties are confusing. We’re here to make it simple. Contact us or give us a call at 888.353.7178.