When you hire us, you get us

We Self Perform More Than 99% of our Roofing Work

Is the roofing company you hired to do the job the one who shows up on the day of your project? Or did your contractor sub-contract the job to someone else? At Simon Roofing, you can be assured the crew members on your job are Simon Roofing employees.

Why is self-performance important?

All the research and due diligence you put into choosing a roofing company goes out the window when they subcontract your project to another contractor. You hired the original roofing company for a reason, likely because of the assurance you felt about their ability to do the job well. That feeling is lost when they’re not the ones who ultimately perform the job.

There are other factors at play, as well. Does the subcontractor maintain the same drug-free workplace rules? Are its workers documented? What kind of safety training have they gone through? Are they experienced with your type of roofing system or the repairs at hand? Do they have adequate bonding for the job?

In the commercial roofing industry, 1 out of 5 jobs is subcontracted (Roofing Contractor, 2015) for one reason or another.

Not at Simon Roofing though.

When you’re researching roofing companies, always be sure to ask them to document what percentage of jobs they self-perform, and insist on that as a criteria. At Simon Roofing, you hire us, you get us. It’s that simple.

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