24-hour Roofing Service

Customer Service Center - Simon Roofing Corporate

We’re there when you need us 24/7/365

Roof leaks don’t always happen Monday to Friday between 8 and 5. We maintain a 24-hour Customer Service Center for emergency commercial roof repair and service needs, and we can dispatch a crew to address your issue swiftly from one of our 66 Service Centers from across the United States.

24/7/365 Emergency Services Center

Phone: 888.410.0225
Fax: 330.629.7394
Email: service@simonroofing.com


Roof leaks can cause major disruptions to your business, create slip hazards for employees and customers, and damage inventory. Simon Roofing understands the urgency of resolving roof leaks as quickly as possible, so for any roof leak you deem as an emergency, a technician will be there within 24 hours to repair it. For non-emergency situations, a technician will be there within 3 business days.

For our existing customers who call with a roof leak while under warranty, we always provide 24-hour service response.


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