According to a recent NRCA industry issue update, “The U.S. roofing industry is experiencing unprecedented shortages of roofing materials and products and significant price volatility.” Unfortunately, that’s causing extended lead times and delayed jobs in the commercial roofing industry.

Not so at Simon Roofing.

We manufacture most of our own roofing products and use our own employees (no sub-contractors) on the job, so we have both the materials and the workforce available to get your roofing repair, restoration or replacement project completed. We’re also honoring proposal pricing for 30 days.

Manufacture and SupplierPlus, we’ve taken important steps to even further avoid the current supply chain challenges:

  • More tanks to store raw materials
  • Increased inventory for all repair, restoration and replacement materials
  • Long-term Inventory projections to assure supply and timely job completions

Furthermore, as both the manufacturer of the roofing products we use AND the experienced installer of those products onto your roof, we’re held fully accountable for your roof’s performance. And we back that accountability and confidence in our work with a true warranty.

Simply put, if it leaks, we’ll fix it. And we’ll warrant both the leak and the location, too.

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