Research, Development and Manufacturing

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Where Manufacturing Meets Innovation

Simon Products serves as the product development and manufacturing division of Simon Roofing. As part of an ISO 9001:2015-certified company, our Simon Products state-of-the-art laboratory and manufacturing facility combines forward-thinking technology with science-based industry knowledge to continually develop advanced commercial roof and floor systems for us that not only meet, but exceed industry standards.

The manufacturing facility, which opened in 2010, incorporates contemporary “LEAN manufacturing” principles that focus on minimum waste and maximum productivity. This includes intense quality control standards that ensure our products are produced consistently time and time again, maximizing customer satisfaction and minimizing waste.

An Advanced Course in Roofing Science

When it comes to testing the strength, durability and performance of roofing materials, Simon Products is a national leader. While some companies may test individual components of a product, Simon products tests the entire system.

Extensive testing leads to accurate, data-rich, science-based results that are truly indicative of the system’s performance. For you, Simon Products’ focus on product testing has led to innovations in our roofing materials that are brighter, more reflective and fortified to improve elongation and tensile strength.

Simon Products formulates materials built to perform best in specific climates. For instance, rapid increases or decreases in temperature can cause materials to expand or contract, so there’s a product that ensures seams don’t stretch and break.

Simon Products is warrantying products for 10, 20 or even more years, so manufacturing to industry standards would set the bar too low. Instead, their internal quality standards are set much higher. As an example, while some products on the market include the bare minimum of titanium dioxide for reflectivity, Simon Products goes further to make sure the roof lasts longer, as well.