5 Examples of Consequential Damage from Roof Leaks

1. Damage to building interior and more – one dripping leak can damage inventory and equipment, not to mention ceiling tiles, floors and walls.
What to do: Determine the source of the leak and temporarily stop water intrusion.  Do your inspection to determine if the water intrusion is actually coming from a roof leak and not something else. Common leak points are missing flashing, cuts, tears, holes and open seams.

Roof Leak, Wet Floor

2. Slips and falls by employees and customers – puddles on the floor can mean liability for your company, including workers’ compensation claims and lawsuits.
What to do: Take immediate action to clean up and absorb the water. Also, mark the affected area by posting “wet floor” signage, cones, etc.


Wet Insulation

3. Wet insulation – if insulation becomes wet, it quickly goes from saving you money as an insulator to costing you money in higher energy bills.
What to do: Rely on infrared thermography to identify wet insulation before it spreads. Remove any wet insulation and replace it with insulation having the same R-value thickness.


4. Mold, insects and contamination – common with wet insulation, mold and bacteria growth can grow throughout a roof system. Insect infestation is another potential consequence. Mitigating mold and exterminating pests can eat up your budget dollars, not to mention disruptions to business and violations of building code.
What to do: Closely inspect the area to determine the extent of mold and the leak source. Never allow a provider to repair or restore a roof area if it involves covering over mold contamination.

5. Accelerated aging of your roof – It’s your fiduciary responsibility to extend the useful life of a roof and delay a costly replacement as long as possible. If water gets under the roof membrane, it can damage the deck, seams and mechanical fasteners, compromising your roof. In colder climate, ice can form under the laps and further stress the building and roof. The problem is you may not know this is happening until its too late.
What to do: Rely on a roofing contractor that has experience conducting extensive testing on the roof membrane to accurately predict the roof’s service life expectancy and determine whether repairs/restorations are possible solutions for delaying a costly replacement.